photo by Kristin DiVona
Libby believes in Providence and is committed to working with you to build a strong future for our neighborhood.

Good Jobs and Economic Development
From her work at Capital Good Fund, Libby knows that we can ensure every Rhode Islander has a secure job, by providing access to capital, credit and technology for entrepreneurs, and training and protections for workers.

Better Public Education
A good education is the foundation for future success. Libby will fight for a high quality public education system, including affordable college degrees.

Fair Taxation for Working Families
Libby will fight to reduce property taxes for households and small businesses by building a fair tax structure and restoring state aid to Providence.

Environment and Public Transportation
Vibrant communities require strong infrastructure. At the State House, Libby will support public investment in transit, renewable energy, and energy-efficient homes.

Libby will be the hard-working, accessible representative we all deserve!