Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Libby's statement to supporters


We ran an amazing campaign, and though it wasn’t the result we wanted,
hard work deserves recognition. I spoke with John Lombardi earlier to
congratulate him on the victory. I believe that going forward we will
all work together for a better Olneyville, Federal Hill, and Valley.

You all, my supporters, are generous, tenacious people. We do what we
do because we believe that elections matter, that a more fair and
beautiful world is possible, and we are willing to invest our lives
into making that world a reality. I cannot thank you enough for all
that you've committed to this campaign, and moving Rhode Island

If I started naming the individuals and groups who have been a part of
this movement, this email would go on for pages. You know who you are.
You knocked doors, you made calls, you gave rides, you gave money and
asked for money. You asked for votes. I’d like to give special thanks
to the brain trust, who started meeting in the fall of 2011, and also
Mayor Angel Taveras, for taking the political risk he did in backing
us, the underdog in the race.

What we did today, and over the past year sends an unmistakeable
signal to the General Assembly. If you want to maintain the status
quo, you will have to fight tooth and nail. You will have to spend
tens of thousands of dollars, and spend half the year out politicking,
to win a battle against the progressive movement. We do not have the
state rep seat, but we have more than we did a year ago. We have
brought neighbors together, we have brought attention to concerning
patterns in education, in our economy, in public safety. We have built
progressive infrastructure, and I believe we will win important
progressive victories for our state.

I am so glad to have allies and supporters in each of you. We have our
work cut out for us for fair taxes, for quality public education, for
a local economy that supports entrepreneurs and protects workers, for
marriage equality, for a transit system that works. Tomorrow the work
continues, but tonight we celebrate a job well done, a fight well
fought. Thank you for standing with me.