Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mayor Angel Taveras Endorses Us

photo by Charles Frumerie
I am so thrilled to be writing this today. Mayor Angel Taveras just sent out an email announcing his support for our campaign to bring new leadership to our communities here on the west side. As I've written previously, and talked about with my neighbors in the previous months, our city has weathered many serious challenges in the past year. I'm grateful that the Taveras administration has steered us clear of bankruptcy, and along the way worked in good faith with taxpayers, neighborhood associations, city workers and retirees, students and nonprofits, and Occupy Providence. To continue making our city a more fair and beautiful place to live, our mayor needs allies in the General Assembly. With your vote on September 11th, I will be the partner Providence needs.

 From Angel for Providence:
Over the last 20 months I've had the privilege of working in partnership with like-minded, proactive elected leaders from across the state. Collaborative work has enabled us to weather many storms and emerge stronger as a result. One thing is clear to me: I could not have accomplished any of this without the help of others. I am convinced that it is essential to the success of our City and State that we are represented by elected leaders who value collaboration.
That is why I am pledging my support to Gayle Goldin and Libby Kimzey - two legislative candidates who are committed to the same proactive, collaborative approach to governing.
Thank you, Mayor!