Monday, May 28, 2012

Report from a House Party with Libby!

Adam Goldstein meeting Libby!
Libby met voters and discussed Rhode Island issues at a house party in Federal Hill on Sunday. We are happy to present an insightful guest report from one of the attendees:

Yesterday Libby attended a house party in the heart of District 8. She spoke about the importance of revitalizing the district and changing the business as usual environment in the State House. To do this, Libby explained she would try to pass legislation that would fix the streets, reconstruct and maintain abandoned property, improve property value and the healthcare system, help the homeless and the struggling immigrant population, and bring power and voice back to the people of the district. 

I first met Libby at a fundraiser through a friend, and as a political writer who is somewhat jaded about politicians, I think Libby is a rarity who is young and passionate and will actually work to improve lives. 

This report is from Adam Goldstein, a writer at Thanks for believing in Libby, Adam!

More photos from the house party can be found on Libby's Facebook page.