Thursday, February 2, 2012

And now we have a district!

View 2012 Rep District 8 in a larger map

From 2012 House Bill 7209AAA, passed on Tuesday 2/1/12: 
13 Eighth district: The eighth representative district shall consist of all of that part of the city
14 of Providence bounded by a line beginning at the intersection of Oakland Ave and Chalkstone
15 Ave; thence westerly on Chalkstone Ave to Bergen St; thence southerly on Bergen St to Regent
16 Ave; thence easterly on Regent Ave to Harold St; thence southerly on Harold St to Allston St;
17 thence westerly on Allston St continuing on the line between census block 440070022003000 and
18 census blocks 440070022002012, 440070022002013, 440070022002014, 440070022002017,
19 440070022002018, and 440070022003006 to Academy Ave; thence southerly on Academy Ave
20 to Atwells Ave; thence westerly on Atwells Ave to Hannah St; thence southerly on Hannah St to
21 Amherst St; thence easterly on Amherst Ave to Steere Ave; thence southwesterly on Steere Ave
22 to Manton Ave; thence southeasterly on Manton Ave to Westminster St; thence easterly on
23 Westminster St to Parade St; thence southerly on Parade St to Hollywood Rd; thence easterly on
24 Hollywood Rd to Dexter St; thence northerly on Dexter St to Powhatan St; thence easterly on
25 Powhatan St to Harrison St; thence northerly on Harrison St to Westminster St; thence easterly on
26 Westminster St to I-95; thence northerly on I-95 to US Highway 6; thence westerly on US
27 Highway 6 to Dean St; thence northerly on Dean St to Raymond St; thence northerly on
28 Raymond St to the point of origin.