Thursday, January 12, 2012

Awards at the WBNA Annual Meeting

This week's Annual Meeting was a lovely event - thank you to the Providence Hmong Church for hosting us.

I'm grateful to the West Broadway Neighborhood Association for honoring me with the 2012 Community Development Award as a member of the planning committee of the Dexter Playground Rebuild team. Congratulations to the night's other awardees, including John Richard & the Avery and Lt. Luis San Lucas!
Dear Dexter Training Ground Playground Rebuild Team:

The West Broadway Neighborhood Association (WBNA, Inc.) is pleased to announce that the group of you have been chosen to receive a 2012 WBNA Community Development Award.

The WBNA strives to recognize individuals and businesses in the community who are making a difference in the neighborhood and who help make the West Side a wonderful place for residents and businesses to live, work, and play.  The Community Development Award specifically looks to honor a group or individual who has made a positive impact on our neighborhood’s built environment or infrastructure.  The group of you have done just that by planning and building the new playground at Dexter Training Ground.

On October 11, 2011, the community built a spectacular new playground for our neighborhood.  While the actual build day was intense, there was that much more work that came before that day in the form of planning and coordination.  You all demonstrated great dedication and commitment over the weeks that preceded by taking a leadership role on a team and in taking on specific responsibilities to make the undertaking a success.  From weekly conference calls, to being a part of Design Day, Prep Day and Build Day, to numerous other tasks that include getting food or tools donated, recruiting hundreds of volunteers, to figuring out side projects, etc.

Your efforts will make a lasting impact on the park and improve our children’s quality of life.  Even beyond the playground that was built, the reenergized WBNA Friends of Dexter Training Ground will ensure that the playground is well maintained and the community’s efforts last.  We are pleased to recognize you with this award because of your dedication to the neighborhood and for the difference you have made to the playground. 

Kari Nel Lang                                      
Executive Director